Review: Nuun Energy Ginger Lemonade

Hello runners, time for another review. Today is another Nuun product, Nuun Energy Ginger Lemonade. This is going to be my first time talking about Nuun Energy, so let me give you a quick rundown. Nuun Energy has caffeine in it. That’s basically the major difference between Nuun Energy and the classic Nuun Active. For this reason, I like to use Nuun Energy to hydrate before a workout because I feel like the caffeine gives me a little extra “boost”. But that’s just me.

Nuun Energy Ginger Lemonade
For today’s review I actually drank this Nuun after my run because I didn’t think to review this until afterwards. I also attempted to do the recommended serving size of 16oz of water by taking a sip out of a pint sized water bottle to make it give or take 16oz.

Nuun Energy Ginger Lemonade Instructions
The Review

Upon my first sip, this tasted basically like a watered down lemonade. Which I don’t think is a bad thing since I really like lemonade. However, I did not taste any ginger flavor. Which is a little disappointing because the label does say ginger lemonade, not just lemonade. But hey like I said before, I like lemonade. There also was not any bitter flavors in this Nuun, which I’ve found a few of the other Nuun flavors to have. While the bitter flavor of the other Nuuns is tolerable, it is definitely not missed.

Overall, I think that this is probably one of the best Nuun’s that I have had so far. My only gripe with it is that I wish it had a little bit of a stronger flavor, but hey Nuun isn’t meant to have a “powerful” flavor. I also wish there was somewhat of a hint of ginger flavor, since ginger is advertised on the bottle. Nonetheless, I give this an 8/10.

Nuun Energy Ginger Lemonade Nutrition Facts

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Review: Gu Toasted Marshmallow

Hello all. It’s been a while since my last review but good news, I’m still here and I’m back with another one.

Today’s review is Gu Toasted Marshmallow. This is a new Gu flavor where they partnered with running shoe brand Hoka One One during the launch of their Clifton 4 running shoes, so that’s why there’s that little Hoka Marshmallow person on the package. Now I should note that unlike most of my gel reviews, I did not get to try this one before a workout.

Gu Toasted Marshmallow
The Review

Similarly to most Gu’s the texture on this one was really no different than any of the other “standard” Gu’s. It had the normal gel like consistency that was maybe a touch too thick for my liking, at least for during a race.

The flavor, however, was very surprising. I thought to myself “how much like a marshmallow can this gu actually taste?” Well apparently it can taste a lot like a marshmallow. I was pleasantly surprised with this flavor, definitely a stand out among some of the other flavors that I have recently tried. It actually tastes a lot like that Marshmallow fluff that you buy in jars, which I happen to love. So good job Gu, you really nailed it with this one. 9/10.

Gu Toasted Marshmallow Nutrition Facts

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