Review: Nuun All Day Tangerine Lime

Hello runners and welcome to another review. Today is going to be yet another Nuun product, in Nuun’s All Day Tangerine Lime.

Nuun All Day Tangerine Lime flavor
From what I’ve learned there are some differences between Nuun Active and Nuun All Day. Nuun Active is supposed to keep you hydrated and energized during activity and Nuun All Day is essentially for hydrating you for the other parts of the day while providing you with “17 vitamins & minerals” (as found on Nuun’s website). If you want delve a little deeper into the differences between the two, you can find the source of where I found my information here on a blog post done by Nuun themselves explaining the differences.

Nuun All Day Tangerine Lime information included on bottle
The Review

Let’s get down to the good part. Like the previous Nuun I have tasted, I used a bottle that held 16.9oz of water and I took a little sip out of it before putting the Nuun in to hopefully even it out to around 16oz, which is the recommended serving size for Nuun.

Nuun All Day Tangerine Lime Nutrition Information
Upon my first tastes there is a sort of “chalky” lime taste. It is the most prominent part of the flavor that I am tasting. Although there is a noticeable citrus “tang” in there as well. The fizziness also doesn’t seem to last around for a very long time, which isn’t a problem for me because I am kind of indifferent on fizzy drinks. Overall, I’m not the most impressed with this flavor. It is by all means drinkable, but the flavor feels a little off to me. I’m going to rate this one a 6/10.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love Nuun and I will continue drinking Nuun because I think it is an awesome drink that has a lot of benefits. This flavor just isn’t one that suits me.

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