Workout 6/16/17

No review today, sorry folks. I woke up on the morning of this workout with a bit of a sensitive stomach so I decided having a gel or gummy or whatever might not be the best. But I will gladly share the details of the workout. Another review is on its way shortly.

I’ll try to keep this somewhat short and to the point. The workout for this day was a pretty tough one. I’ve been wanting to try and test myself and I thought what better way than with some tough intervals.

The workout I had in mind was 1xmile At a hard effort, 5 minutes rest, followed by 8×400 with a 400 meter jog rest in between. The point of this workout was to get in a hard effort and to give a feel for what it’ll feel like at the start of a 5k race and then settle into a sort of rhythm. This workout was HARD but that’s exactly what I meant it to be. Here are my splits below.

Now you might be thinking why are there 2 separate pictures? Because after 400 #6 I had get like I had gotten enough work in for today and I felt like I shouldn’t push it anymore. However, the point of the workout was to be hard so I took about 3 minutes of rest (1:25 of it is pictured in the 2nd picture) and finished the final 2 400’s. Which were very tough. But it was overall a solid day of work and a nice workout to gauge my fitness. I’m excited for future races.

Comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions for a review? Leave a comment.


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