Review: Nuun Active Orange

Let’s go, it’s time for another product review. Today is going to be Nuun Active Orange. Now if you don’t know much about Nuun let me give you all a quick rundown. Nuun is basically a hydration supplement. It basically aims to replenish electrolytes that are lost when you are sweating and keep you from getting dehydrated. Basically it tries to do what Gatorade does but without all of the added sugar. It comes in a little tablet that looks kind of like a sweet tart candy. Note: the tablet does not taste like a sweet tart candy.

Nuun Active Orange flavor

I actually did not have this before my run or workout. I had it afterwards since Nuun is aimed at rehydrating / keeping you hydrated. Although Nuun Active’s main use is to be used when you are being “active”, hence its name. However, I did not feel like trying to slurp this down during a workout.

For this review I did what Nuun said its recommended serving of water was, which is 16oz. I used a pint sized water bottle which has 16.9oz, but I drank a little sip of it beforehand to even it out.

Nuun Active Orange nutrition facts

The Review

Upon my first taste the Nuun was a bit fizzy and had a very small hint of bitterness. If fizziness is a concern, it did go down quite a bit after a few minutes. You could definitely taste the citrus orange flavors but it was not overpowering at all. It was actually kind of nice and smooth in a way. Since Nuun is also mostly water, it goes down really easily and doesn’t leave a lingering taste in your mouth which is a huge plus. I could see this being perfect to use during a marathon to hydrate.

I am going to give this a 7/10. I was impressed by how Nuun made this taste good in a non-overpowering way. Although personally I would like to have a little bit more flavor… But during a marathon I think that this would be the perfect amount of flavoring because during a marathon you really don’t want to have a lingering taste in your mouth. Overall I think Nuun did a good job on this one.

Nuun Active Orange in dissolved in a water bottle

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