Review: Gu Roctane Vanilla Orange

Good day to all you fellow runners out there. Today I am going to be reviewing Gu Roctane Vanilla Orange.

Let’s talk a little about Gu first. If you don’t know much about Gu it’s essentially a running supplement that you are supposed to use before or during an activity. It is typically used during the course of longer training runs or races such as half or full marathons. Personally I think that using at least a few gels over the course of a race such as the marathon is beneficial because it’ll in theory improve performance by replenishing the energy that you body has used already.

Anyways, Gu Roctane is essentially the more “hardcore” version of the normal Gu. It contains more amino acids that are supposed to help you with longer activities that are probably going to be over 2 hours long. Spoiler: I didn’t run longer than 2 hours today. But I did do a workout which works just as well, right? To try and get the “full” effects of this gel I took it about 15 minutes before my warm up. As with any type of running supplement that is meant to be used before or during an activity, it is definitely best to try them out before you have to use them in an actual race itself in order make sure that your stomach can handle it. You definitely do not want to risk your stomach getting all upset during your race as this can go very… poorly.

The Review

Alright now it’s time for the good part. Let’s start out with the consistency. It’s not different than the standard Gu consistency, which the best way to describe it would be the consistency of glue… which by the way, I have never eaten… This type of consistency I would usually stay away from during a hard activity, such as a race or workout, just because when you are trying to run fast and breathing heavily, a thicker gel is much harder to consume than you would think. But like I mentioned earlier, I will happily have them beforehand.

Going into this review I imagined that this flavor of Gu would taste similar to a creamsicle, those orange vanilla flavored popsicles. This assumption turned out to be very inaccurate. The actual flavor of this Gu was more like a “chemical” orange taste, with very very small hint of vanilla taste. This was followed by a heavy bitter after taste that kind of lingered for a little while. While this was not the type of flavor that I was expecting, I was still able to finish the entire Gu, so that’s a plus.

For what it’s worth, this flavor of Gu did exactly what it was supposed to do and got me through my workout. Sometimes I get a little nervous trying out new flavors of gels or pre-workout “snacks” before a workout because I probably have one of the most sensitive stomachs out there. However this one worked out pretty well and I had no issues with my stomach today.

Overall this Gu Roctane Vanilla Orange did exactly what it was supposed to do, but the flavor just wasn’t there. While I probably could finish another one, and it certainly isn’t the worst flavor I have ever tasted, I think I might stick to other flavors. With all this in mind I am going to give this a 5/10.

Questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions/requests for future reviews? Leave a comment.


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