Another easy day

As with all training plans easy days are important. Today was one of many easy runs for me and I really don’t have too much to say about my run. I did 9 miles today at 7:06avg. I have been trying to slow down my easy days so that I can get after my quality workout days a little harder and I’ve wanted to be more towards 7:30avg. However I was feeling actually pretty decent today despite having a tougher than anticipated workout yesterday.

Another reason that made this run especially nice was having 0 pain from plantar fasciitis in my foot as well, which made the run a whole lot more enjoyable. A few months ago when I was really struggling with the pain from this chronic plantar fasciitis I had just accepted the fact that every run was going to hurt. But now things seem to have finally taken a turn in a positive direction. However, the pain in my foot didn’t go away just by chance. It’s taken some extra effort such as adding some stretching into my routine as well as really trying to get onto soft surfaces, such as forest trails, as much as possible to help soften the impact. Hopefully I won’t get lazy (which I struggle with quite a bit) and will continue trying to get my foot better.

This week I’m trying to fit in a total of 3 quality workout days, so tomorrow will more than likely end up being another workout day. Stay tuned.


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