Review: Nuun All Day Tangerine Lime

Hello runners and welcome to another review. Today is going to be yet another Nuun product, in Nuun’s All Day Tangerine Lime.

Nuun All Day Tangerine Lime flavor
From what I’ve learned there are some differences between Nuun Active and Nuun All Day. Nuun Active is supposed to keep you hydrated and energized during activity and Nuun All Day is essentially for hydrating you for the other parts of the day while providing you with “17 vitamins & minerals” (as found on Nuun’s website). If you want delve a little deeper into the differences between the two, you can find the source of where I found my information here on a blog post done by Nuun themselves explaining the differences.

Nuun All Day Tangerine Lime information included on bottle
The Review

Let’s get down to the good part. Like the previous Nuun I have tasted, I used a bottle that held 16.9oz of water and I took a little sip out of it before putting the Nuun in to hopefully even it out to around 16oz, which is the recommended serving size for Nuun.

Nuun All Day Tangerine Lime Nutrition Information
Upon my first tastes there is a sort of “chalky” lime taste. It is the most prominent part of the flavor that I am tasting. Although there is a noticeable citrus “tang” in there as well. The fizziness also doesn’t seem to last around for a very long time, which isn’t a problem for me because I am kind of indifferent on fizzy drinks. Overall, I’m not the most impressed with this flavor. It is by all means drinkable, but the flavor feels a little off to me. I’m going to rate this one a 6/10.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love Nuun and I will continue drinking Nuun because I think it is an awesome drink that has a lot of benefits. This flavor just isn’t one that suits me.

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Review: Nuun Active Orange

Let’s go, it’s time for another product review. Today is going to be Nuun Active Orange. Now if you don’t know much about Nuun let me give you all a quick rundown. Nuun is basically a hydration supplement. It basically aims to replenish electrolytes that are lost when you are sweating and keep you from getting dehydrated. Basically it tries to do what Gatorade does but without all of the added sugar. It comes in a little tablet that looks kind of like a sweet tart candy. Note: the tablet does not taste like a sweet tart candy.

Nuun Active Orange flavor

I actually did not have this before my run or workout. I had it afterwards since Nuun is aimed at rehydrating / keeping you hydrated. Although Nuun Active’s main use is to be used when you are being “active”, hence its name. However, I did not feel like trying to slurp this down during a workout.

For this review I did what Nuun said its recommended serving of water was, which is 16oz. I used a pint sized water bottle which has 16.9oz, but I drank a little sip of it beforehand to even it out.

Nuun Active Orange nutrition facts

The Review

Upon my first taste the Nuun was a bit fizzy and had a very small hint of bitterness. If fizziness is a concern, it did go down quite a bit after a few minutes. You could definitely taste the citrus orange flavors but it was not overpowering at all. It was actually kind of nice and smooth in a way. Since Nuun is also mostly water, it goes down really easily and doesn’t leave a lingering taste in your mouth which is a huge plus. I could see this being perfect to use during a marathon to hydrate.

I am going to give this a 7/10. I was impressed by how Nuun made this taste good in a non-overpowering way. Although personally I would like to have a little bit more flavor… But during a marathon I think that this would be the perfect amount of flavoring because during a marathon you really don’t want to have a lingering taste in your mouth. Overall I think Nuun did a good job on this one.

Nuun Active Orange in dissolved in a water bottle

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Workout 6/16/17

No review today, sorry folks. I woke up on the morning of this workout with a bit of a sensitive stomach so I decided having a gel or gummy or whatever might not be the best. But I will gladly share the details of the workout. Another review is on its way shortly.

I’ll try to keep this somewhat short and to the point. The workout for this day was a pretty tough one. I’ve been wanting to try and test myself and I thought what better way than with some tough intervals.

The workout I had in mind was 1xmile At a hard effort, 5 minutes rest, followed by 8×400 with a 400 meter jog rest in between. The point of this workout was to get in a hard effort and to give a feel for what it’ll feel like at the start of a 5k race and then settle into a sort of rhythm. This workout was HARD but that’s exactly what I meant it to be. Here are my splits below.

Now you might be thinking why are there 2 separate pictures? Because after 400 #6 I had get like I had gotten enough work in for today and I felt like I shouldn’t push it anymore. However, the point of the workout was to be hard so I took about 3 minutes of rest (1:25 of it is pictured in the 2nd picture) and finished the final 2 400’s. Which were very tough. But it was overall a solid day of work and a nice workout to gauge my fitness. I’m excited for future races.

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Review: Gu Roctane Tutti Frutti

Hello all and happy Global Running Day. What better way to celebrate today than with a review? Gu Roctane Tutti Frutti is definitely one of the more interesting Gu flavors that I have seen lately and I have been eyeing it for quite a while now. The name Tutti Frutti itself kind of intrigued me, I mean what actually is the flavor Tutti Frutti…? I would soon find out and hopefully it would be a pleasant surprise. As with all my reviews I took this approximately 15 minutes before my workout, and once again if you would like to know the details of today’s workout feel free to leave a comment.

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Review: Honey Stinger Energy Chews Pink Lemonade

Alright so let’s get this review started. This was supposed to be posted on Saturday, June 3rd but I was off on vacation and couldn’t really be bothered with making a review. But now I’m back and ready to provide you all with another running related product. As always, I took this about 15 minutes before my warmup for a workout (if you want to know the details of the workout just comment and I’ll gladly make a post about it).

Honey Stinger Pink Lemonade

The Review

Let me start this out by saying that I love Honey Stinger products. I’ve had a few of them in the past and they have always have been some of the better tasting running related nutrition products that I have ever had. This had me pretty excited to try out the Honey Stinger Pink Lemonade chews, because you can’t really go wrong with pink lemonade.

Honey Stinger Pink Lemonade Nutrition Facts

Upon opening the package these oddly looked like giant fish eggs. They were a little slick to the touch as well and I could see these getting a little sticky in a hot or sweaty environment such as a race.

Honey Stinger Pink Lemonade Fruit Chews

Texture wise I was a little surprised. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to the texture of “sport chews”. The only way that I could describe it was that it was almost like a thicker Jell-O texture. It wasn’t necessarily chewy like you would find a fruit snack. This made it surprisingly easy to chew these and I could definitely see that being a pretty big benefit during a race when you don’t want to be worrying about chewing something.

Honey Stinger Pink Lemonade Fruit Chew Inside

Taste wise these were pretty fantastic. The taste was very nice and sweet, no unpleasant flavors that I could pick up anywhere while I tried these. You can definitely tell where Honey Stinger was going with the Pink Lemonade flavor, I think they hit the target right on.

Also I should say that having a sensitive stomach put me a little on edge trying these before a workout. Gels I am usually okay with but I was nervous about trying something that feels actually more like a food. However, my stomach felt fine during the entirety of the workout and I had no problems whatsoever.

I’m going to give this product a solid 8/10. It’s a nice product with some good flavor to it. The only problem that I could foresee is during races I could see these getting really sticky, so that’s something to be wary of. However, if you are the kind of person that prefers to have chews during your races instead of gels, I would say go for it.

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Happy National Donut Day

Boom. It’s national donut day. With the name of my blog being about donuts I thought that I should at least make a post about one of the best food days of the year. So happy national donut day everyone. I hope that you were able to enjoy as many donuts as your hearts desired.

As you can see I did buy a few donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts today and I got to try their new chocolate sprinkled cake batter filled donut. It was pretty tasty, so good that I had two of them.

So go out and enjoy a donut or two or dozen. Happy donut day ya’ll.

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Review: Gu Roctane Vanilla Orange

Good day to all you fellow runners out there. Today I am going to be reviewing Gu Roctane Vanilla Orange.

Let’s talk a little about Gu first. If you don’t know much about Gu it’s essentially a running supplement that you are supposed to use before or during an activity. It is typically used during the course of longer training runs or races such as half or full marathons. Personally I think that using at least a few gels over the course of a race such as the marathon is beneficial because it’ll in theory improve performance by replenishing the energy that you body has used already.

Anyways, Gu Roctane is essentially the more “hardcore” version of the normal Gu. It contains more amino acids that are supposed to help you with longer activities that are probably going to be over 2 hours long. Spoiler: I didn’t run longer than 2 hours today. But I did do a workout which works just as well, right? To try and get the “full” effects of this gel I took it about 15 minutes before my warm up. As with any type of running supplement that is meant to be used before or during an activity, it is definitely best to try them out before you have to use them in an actual race itself in order make sure that your stomach can handle it. You definitely do not want to risk your stomach getting all upset during your race as this can go very… poorly.

The Review

Alright now it’s time for the good part. Let’s start out with the consistency. It’s not different than the standard Gu consistency, which the best way to describe it would be the consistency of glue… which by the way, I have never eaten… This type of consistency I would usually stay away from during a hard activity, such as a race or workout, just because when you are trying to run fast and breathing heavily, a thicker gel is much harder to consume than you would think. But like I mentioned earlier, I will happily have them beforehand.

Going into this review I imagined that this flavor of Gu would taste similar to a creamsicle, those orange vanilla flavored popsicles. This assumption turned out to be very inaccurate. The actual flavor of this Gu was more like a “chemical” orange taste, with very very small hint of vanilla taste. This was followed by a heavy bitter after taste that kind of lingered for a little while. While this was not the type of flavor that I was expecting, I was still able to finish the entire Gu, so that’s a plus.

For what it’s worth, this flavor of Gu did exactly what it was supposed to do and got me through my workout. Sometimes I get a little nervous trying out new flavors of gels or pre-workout “snacks” before a workout because I probably have one of the most sensitive stomachs out there. However this one worked out pretty well and I had no issues with my stomach today.

Overall this Gu Roctane Vanilla Orange did exactly what it was supposed to do, but the flavor just wasn’t there. While I probably could finish another one, and it certainly isn’t the worst flavor I have ever tasted, I think I might stick to other flavors. With all this in mind I am going to give this a 5/10.

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Another easy day

As with all training plans easy days are important. Today was one of many easy runs for me and I really don’t have too much to say about my run. I did 9 miles today at 7:06avg. I have been trying to slow down my easy days so that I can get after my quality workout days a little harder and I’ve wanted to be more towards 7:30avg. However I was feeling actually pretty decent today despite having a tougher than anticipated workout yesterday.

Another reason that made this run especially nice was having 0 pain from plantar fasciitis in my foot as well, which made the run a whole lot more enjoyable. A few months ago when I was really struggling with the pain from this chronic plantar fasciitis I had just accepted the fact that every run was going to hurt. But now things seem to have finally taken a turn in a positive direction. However, the pain in my foot didn’t go away just by chance. It’s taken some extra effort such as adding some stretching into my routine as well as really trying to get onto soft surfaces, such as forest trails, as much as possible to help soften the impact. Hopefully I won’t get lazy (which I struggle with quite a bit) and will continue trying to get my foot better.

This week I’m trying to fit in a total of 3 quality workout days, so tomorrow will more than likely end up being another workout day. Stay tuned.