Workout 5/30/17

What better way to start updating again than with a workout? The workout for today was 8x1k @ about 3:21avg with 1 minute jog rest on the roads. There was also a 1.5mi warmup and a 1.62mi cooldown equaling a total of 9 miles for the day.

Going into this workout I originally wanted to do 10x1k and I wanted to hit around 3:24avg with 1 minute jog rest. I started out this workout a little quick and instead of slowing down, I didn’t change the pace at all. Once I got to about set 5, I knew that while I could probably do 10 sets, it probably wasn’t going to be worth the amount of effort that I would put forth. It essentially would have changed the goal of this workout from being a tempo like effort to a more demanding interval type workout. Making these kind of “game time” decisions can be beneficial because if you know what your body can handle, you can edit your own workouts in a way that you can get the most benefit without pushing yourself to your limits. Every workout has a time and place to push to those limits, but today was not one of those workouts.

Overall I was happy with how this workout went. I felt a little more tired than I thought I would, but I think that has to do with going a little quicker than I had originally planned.

Below you can find the splits and my rests, as well as the average mile pace for each set, and some other little random things that I didn’t crop out.

Feel free to ask a question, comment, or voice your concerns below in the comments. As always, I hope everyone is getting in some nice miles today.

Workout splits - 5-30-2017


Don’t call it a comeback

Alright wow, it’s been a while since I have updated this. A lot has happened in the past few months. I ended up running my first ever marathon and running a time of 2:27:22, exceeding my goal of running a 2:30 marathon by a landslide. I also struggled with a nagging case of plantar fasciitis after the marathon and took about 10.5 weeks off. Crazy how you can go from the best fitness you have ever been in, to working up a sweat during an easy run. But I have been making steps in the right direction and I’m starting to feel my fitness come back again, albeit slowly.

In the past I have focused on this blog being mostly running related, which it will always be. However as the name of the blog says, there should be a little talk about food, right? So I’m going to hopefully be posting regularly again and also posting and reviewing running related foods that I like (or don’t like).

Hope everyone out there is having a good run filled day, free from injuries. Feel free to ask questions, voice your concerns, or just give a general comment below.

EDIT: I got so caught up in trying to summarize things that I didn’t even post my current goals. Long term, I would like to feel myself again and hopefully run the 2018 Boston Marathon since I have hit the qualifying standard. Short term (as in Summer 2017) I would like get back into road racing and to run a fast road mile. Big change of distance, right? The mile has always been an event that I love and I went to test out how fast I can get on the roads for at least this summer. My collegiate personal record is 4:11, so the main goal is to break 4:20 on the roads.