Miles on miles on miles

Ah yes, hello to all of my loyal readers! Last time I spoke to you all I just capped off my highest mileage week ever of 124 miles. That was pretty awesome and I never thought that I would be able to ever hit that high of mileage. But I was able to prove myself wrong this past week. Last week I was able to set a new mileage personal record of 126 miles. Awesome. I was pretty pumped after a week like that but also pretty exhausted. And by pretty exhausted I mean I was OUT. Last week took out a ton of my energy and it was the first week that I really started to feel the effects of my new high mileage. But that’s okay because 1: I don’t really have any races coming up any time soon and 2: this mileage will just end up making me stronger in the end. It’s actually kind of discouraging to think about “suffer now so that I will have an easier time in about 3 months”. Like in my head I’m just thinking “ugh can I even last another week?”

The answer to that is yes. This week I am trying to hit somewhere between 115 to 120 miles. A bit of a “down week” if you will. I know that hardly seems like anything of a down week, but reducing at least one of the easy days of this week from about 15 miles to around 8 miles seems like a vacation to me. I think the real hardest part about doing this down week is to actually do it. There is always that little voice saying “you hit 126 miles last week, why wouldn’t you hit that many miles again?” While that is true, you really have to pick your battles. Sometimes it is best to say “hey, I can do another week at this mileage” and other weeks it is better to relax and take a little breather. It gives you a chance to really let your training sink in and just let your body recover. I know for a fact that I definitely could use that recovery.

So what’s the plan then? What’s the plan for this upcoming week and the next few weeks? I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I am going on a 7 week cycle and last week actually marked the end of my first cycle. So what’s that mean for this next cycle? Well the first cycle was all about building up the mileage and workouts to a point where I could handle. This next cycle is all about consistency. The plan for this next part is to hit between 115 to 120 miles a week for the next 7 weeks. I want to stay as consistent as possible to build up my strength and to just let me body adjust fully to the mileage. I think that after this cycle I should feel fit and ready to go for the last cycle of my training, which I will get to when the time comes. As for today, I will be enjoying the reduction of mileage and letting my legs have a much needed vacation.

Like always, feel free to comment and ask questions about my training and workouts and I will be happy to answer.

Happy running!


124 Miles

This post has been a long time coming. I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus for the past few weeks. But don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely been kept busy. I know I usually get down to the “nitty gritty” of my weeks and break down the workouts for anyone that reads my blog. However, I’m not going to do that today because it’ll just take far too long to write that all out. Today I’m going to be mostly talking about the mileage that I’ve been hitting for the past few weeks. If there is anyone out there that is interested in my workouts just comment and I’ll be happy to talk about them.

So let’s get down to business. These past few weeks have been pretty intense. I have definitely amped up my training a ton and honestly probably a little too fast… It’s really easy to just want to keep the ball rolling once hitting higher mileage becomes regular. The last time I wrote a post I was at 80.62 miles for that week and that was week 3 of my training. This week marks the beginning of week 7, which will cap off my first 7 week cycle. Since week 3 I have hit 102, 108, and 124 for my weekly mileages, with this week the goal being of maintaining another 124.

It’s crazy to think I’ve been able to get up to this high of mileage. I’ve hit a 100 mile weeks a few years ago but nothing in the same realm of 124. Honestly though running has never been more enjoyable to me than it is right now. It’s very stress free and I just go out and do it. 124 miles might be a little extreme and I definitely do not plan on hanging around that mileage for my regular mileage, but it’s still awesome to see how much I can push my body. But this is still only the beginning, there’s going to be a ton of more 100 mile weeks to come and hopefully get me prepared to run a fast marathon because that’s one of the main goals.

Speaking of goals, I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but my goal is to break 2 hours and 30 minutes in the marathon. Pretty big goal for my first marathon, huh? But hey go big or go home, right? Anyways, like I said before if anyone reading has questions about the type of workouts I am doing feel free to comment and I’ll answer as best as I can.

Until next time!