Week 2: Completed

Wow it’s already week two of my training. Sorry for not updating in a few days, but this week has definitely been a busy one. Despite the busyness of it all, it has been a pretty solid week of training. This has only been my second week back of running and lots of good things have been happening (let’s hope it stays that way). I capped off last week’s mileage running a total of 73.5 miles. Pretty big jump from last week, but no major problems at all. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I did two workouts instead of one because I was getting a tiny bit antsy in regards to doing some fast training. Which I personally think is okay, as long as I stay smart about it and not push it too hard.

So let’s get down to Friday’s workout. Friday I did an “alternating tempo”. This is something that I thought would be a good early stage workout. Basically my thought process was that this would be a tempo effort but it would also allow my body to “recover” throughout the tempo. I think that this is a good early workout because you are not going into full out tempo mode, which honestly kind of sucks when you are first getting into shape. The goal for this workout was to do 6 miles of alternating tempo going from 6 to 5:40 each mile. Overall, I was very happy with this workout. I hit all of the times that I wanted to hit and definitely kept myself in check and didn’t push it too hard. The real splits of the workout were 6:00, 5:46, 5:59, 5:43, 5:53, 5:38. This came to a total average of just about 5:49 pace. Awesome workout and I’m actually planning on doing another one of these alternating tempos for this upcoming week.

There was also a little bit of a “surprise” this week. I decided to go out and do a charity 5k for fun. Definitely not very close to my racing shape but it was still a fun time. I ended up taking home a third place finish with a time of 15:42. It was a very chill race for at least the first two miles feeling more like a tempo run. The splits were 5:20, 5:11, 4:47 and then whatever for the last 200 meters. I was a little bit surprised how fast that last mile was and apparently my last 1k of the race was about a 2:51. Very surprising and considering I haven’t really done any sort of speed work in probably over a month. Overall, great day of work and it’ll just help add on to my fitness.

Next up is a long run and two workouts this week.

Until next time!


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