Week 3: Completed

Yikes, over a week has passed already since my last post. As I have mentioned before, I am going to try to update this as much as possible… Which gets a little hard sometimes, but hey I do it when I can.

This third week of running went very well. It was a little bit hectic in regards to training just because I had a race on Sunday and had to structure my week to adjust for that. Monday I did a long run of 14 miles which definitely has not a fun time because I did it a day after the 5k… Probably not the best idea but I had to get it in at some point. Wednesday and Friday were both workout days, I’ll go into each one of these separately.

So let’s talk about Wednesday’s workout. I did another alternating tempo, which was nice. What wasn’t nice however, was doing this workout in the middle of the day when it was about 95 degrees out. Yuck. The workout did end up going well, even though it felt a bit harder than last time, but I think it’s important to factor in the addition of 2 extra miles in this workout and the heat. The exact workout was 8 miles of alternating tempo work. The splits for this workout were 5:54, 5:38, 5:59, 5:36, 5:54, 5:33, 5:51, 5:16 (5:43avg). The whole workout including warmup and cooldown came to a total of 13 miles for the day. Very happy with how this workout went. I do have to work on focusing on hitting the times that I have planned for myself. For instance, the easier miles were supposed to be just about 6:00 and I was definitely a little faster on each one. I still think getting the right pacing is going to be very important if I want to run a successful marathon, so that still needs to be worked on.

Friday’s workout was a little different and a little bit faster paced. The workout was 5x2k at about marathon down to half marathon goal efforts with 2 minutes jog recovery in between. I have to say this workout was very tough. Definitely struggled a bit during this one. I made the great choice once again to go running this workout in the middle of the day so that could have a little something to do with the struggle. But the workout ended up turning out alright. The 2k splits were 7:01, 6:59, 6:56, 6:53, 6:34. Even though I was struggling a little bit still managed to push the last one. Not the smartest thing, but I definitely felt pretty good about it after the workout. Today’s total came to 12.5 miles including the warm up and cooldown.

Overall, I am satisfied with this week. It was a solid week of training with some solid workouts. The grand total of mileage for this week came to 80.62, so pretty high for the week, although this coming week is going to be even higher yet again. I’ll try to update again this week with a recap of each of the workouts. Until then, happy running!


Week 2: Completed

Wow it’s already week two of my training. Sorry for not updating in a few days, but this week has definitely been a busy one. Despite the busyness of it all, it has been a pretty solid week of training. This has only been my second week back of running and lots of good things have been happening (let’s hope it stays that way). I capped off last week’s mileage running a total of 73.5 miles. Pretty big jump from last week, but no major problems at all. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I did two workouts instead of one because I was getting a tiny bit antsy in regards to doing some fast training. Which I personally think is okay, as long as I stay smart about it and not push it too hard.

So let’s get down to Friday’s workout. Friday I did an “alternating tempo”. This is something that I thought would be a good early stage workout. Basically my thought process was that this would be a tempo effort but it would also allow my body to “recover” throughout the tempo. I think that this is a good early workout because you are not going into full out tempo mode, which honestly kind of sucks when you are first getting into shape. The goal for this workout was to do 6 miles of alternating tempo going from 6 to 5:40 each mile. Overall, I was very happy with this workout. I hit all of the times that I wanted to hit and definitely kept myself in check and didn’t push it too hard. The real splits of the workout were 6:00, 5:46, 5:59, 5:43, 5:53, 5:38. This came to a total average of just about 5:49 pace. Awesome workout and I’m actually planning on doing another one of these alternating tempos for this upcoming week.

There was also a little bit of a “surprise” this week. I decided to go out and do a charity 5k for fun. Definitely not very close to my racing shape but it was still a fun time. I ended up taking home a third place finish with a time of 15:42. It was a very chill race for at least the first two miles feeling more like a tempo run. The splits were 5:20, 5:11, 4:47 and then whatever for the last 200 meters. I was a little bit surprised how fast that last mile was and apparently my last 1k of the race was about a 2:51. Very surprising and considering I haven’t really done any sort of speed work in probably over a month. Overall, great day of work and it’ll just help add on to my fitness.

Next up is a long run and two workouts this week.

Until next time!

Week 1: Complete

I officially completed my first week of post collegiate training. It really wasn’t anything too special, but it’s a start. Last week I hit a grand total of 58 miles. Since I last posted I have already done a long of 12 miles this week and today I actually did a little bit of a lighter workout.

Let’s talk a little bit about the long run. Am I jumping into things a little too quickly? It could be a possibility. 12 miles is a little too high for this early of a stage of training… But on the other hand, I am really eager to get back into the full swing of things. Although I still have to work on toning down those easy runs just a little bit… Once I get going it is really easy to get a little out of control because one mile just builds up on the last and it just keeps going and going. Still, it’s just another thing that I am going to have to work on because these easy days are very important. I want to be able to hit the workout days hard and one of the most important things to allow that is being able to recover on easy days.

Next on to today’s workout. Today was a little bit of a “lighter” workout. I wanted to do something that would be able to get my legs going but also wouldn’t be a workout where I was digging deep in order to finish it. So with that in mind, I decided on doing a 15×1 minute fartleks with 1 minute rest in between. This allowed me to be able to get some faster tempo like work in but also allowing for a pretty full recovery in between sets. Overall, today’s mileage came to 10 miles, with 2.5 being a warm up, 2.5 being a cooldown, and 5 miles being the workout itself. The 5 miles of workout and rest jogs ended up coming to an average of 5:52 and for just the 1 minute segments alone I averaged just about 4:59 pace.

Today was definitely a solid day and now it’s time to get some recovery days in and hit another workout this Friday.

Until next time!